Yogsanskar    07-Sep-2021
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Aims & Objects of Institution

  • To develop ethical and moral values in children.
  • To work on grass root level of Nation for 'Correct thinking' from childhood.
  • To propagate following principles in human being, Satya, Ahimsa, Asteya.
Asangraha, Bramhacharya, for divine living with happy ness As a senior naturopath (Yogie) with several y ears of progressive experience in the yoga field heading in giving positive results in the region central India and ensuring winning hearts of the people along with their growth and profitability in health industries. Yoga with multidiscipline functional management skills with strong history of developing successful adventures with effective budgeting analysis promotional strategy leading to gain and cost savi1!-g. By conducting regular programmes on Yoga Awareness and Techniques.