Yogsanskar    07-Sep-2021
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This institution will work as under

1) Gurukul Vidya Vardhini.
2) Multi Therapy Research Centre Gurukul Vidya Vardhini.

Gurukul Vidya Vardhini

Any individual can join "Sanskar" training in the Institute. And Institution will undertake Shishu Sanskar Kendra, free of cost where 4 years to 12 years of age group of childrens can receive Susanskar. In this age group of children 50% of emotional pattern and 10 is being grown up totally what ever Susanskar he will digest at this age it will be for ever.

Multi Therapy Research Centre

In multi therapy research center Institution helps to cure the patients by his own hidden Vital Energy Force with the help of three methods as follows.
  • Astang Yog
  • Multitherapy approach
  • Modern System for when it needs, like ozone therapy, light therapy, Weight Loss system, Electro impulses.