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Yogsanskar    07-Sep-2021
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All Yog Sanskar, our primary aim is to provide treatment to all those who seek it, be they patients suffering from chronic illnesses or people trying to gain relief from the pressures of daily life. The renowned Mr. Mukul Guru presents Yog- Sanskar Sansthan, a naturopathy institution is registered with NGO Shree Guru Bahu Uddeshiya Shaikshanik wa Vyaktimatva Vikas Sanstha at Nagpur.

At Yog- Sanskar, we strive to provide treatment and facilities necessary to strike that perfect balance between the physical, mental and the spiritual. This is a drug-free institution, providing all treatment by way of yoga or naturopath.
Why this project Needs? :- Mr. Guru was suffering from pain In C5-C6. Due to this pain was diagnosed as cervical rib or acute neck sprain as a result he could not sleep two & half months for day & night. He used modern medicine sedatives, painkillers, Homeopathy, and Ayurved Medicine. But there was no relief. To over come this pain, he tried some alternative (NATUROPATHY) systems on him-self and he achieved the control on this pain with following systems
  • Physiotherapy

  • Naturopathy

  • Magnatopathy

  • Rekey

  • Acupressure

  • Astang Yog Sadhan

  • Yogic Aharashastra Diet System

Mr. Guru experienced limitations of medication and traditional pathies. people with the help of these alternative systems at economic cost. Mr. Guru observed above systems are highly useful to protect and to cure the major problems (health) of human being. He is deciple of Shree Janardan Swami, Yogabhysi Mandal, Nagpur and Shree Yog Gurujee. An expert of Yogic therapy. Mr. Guru received blessings of yogic system knowledge from Shree Jog Gurujee. Since last few years Mr. Mukul Guru has dedicated is dedicated to very precious siddha mahayog sadhna, to revel hidden secrets of maditation Mr. Guru prescribes a system of living in this Jet age. For better living trouble free living human being should follow some Do's & Don'ts. Mr. Guru is trying to apply it in actual life. He is highly inspired with following thought.
Name & Designation
Experience In Field
Milind Guru
Research Associate
1. 5 years experience in Teaching Field
2. 15 Years experience in Yoga-Naturopathy Practices.
1. D. Pharm
2. BAM.S.(II)
3. ND (Delhi)
4. PhD.(Kolkata)
1. Datta Meghe Institute, Nagpur
2. Shree Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,Nagpur
3.Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Alternative medicine
Dr. M. G. Guru
Senior Research fellow
1. 45 Years -As a medical practitioner.
2. 9 Years-Medical officer in PHC.
3. Naturopathy and Personality development.
4. Honoured by National award for Medico Social Services
1. B.A. M.S. 1. Vidarbha Ayurved Mahavidyalay Amravati
Mukul Guru
Senior Research fellow
[email protected]
1. 25 Years-Yoga Naturopathy & Personality development
2. 1 Year-Visiting faculty for self
3. Management department at Amravati University.
4. Bhonsla Vedshastra Mahavidyalaya.
5. 6 Years-Yoga teacher (honorary).
6. Yoga Teacher in National Academy of defense.
7. Production NGP.
8. From 4 Years working in Shree Ayurved Yog-Naturopathy Mahavidyalaya Nagpur.
9. Honoured by Rashtriya Aarogya Award in 2009
1. B.Com. PGDMSM.
2. ND (Delhi).
3. Arogyamitra
1. Nagpur University.
2. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
3. Mahatma Gandhi Trust Rajghat.
4. YCMOU Nashik.
Ku. Priti V. Dhoke
(Ladies Department)
1. 3 Years-Working as assistant naturopath at Shree Ayurved Yog- Naturopathy Mahavidyalaya Nagpur. 1. B.Sc.-11
2. CCNY.
3. D.N.Y.S.
1. NGP University.
2. Bombay Technical Board.
3. Adult Education Board
1. Since 2001-Behavioural Consulting at Yogsanskar Nagpur. 1. Commissioned Captain 1. Retired from VNIT Nagpur
Miss.Chitra C. Kadu
Senior Research Assistant in Data Management Department
1. Working from 2008-Senior Research Assistant in National AIDS Research Institute (NARI).
2. 6 Month-Worked as a Health Guide and Educational Counsellor in N. M. Wadia Hospitals Transworld Education Academy.
3. 2 Years-Worked as Psychological Tester/Counsellor in 'Sarvashiksha Abhiyan Government project.
4. 2 Years-Worked as Naturopathy practitioner and Psychologist in Ayurvedic Government College.
5. 2 Years -Worked as Naturopathy practitioner and Psychological Counsellor under Private practitioner Dr. Naresh Charmode (Reiki Master & Naturopathist) and Dr. Nasturkar (B.H.M.S).
1. Master In Philosophy.
2. Certificate Course in Yoga & Naturopathy.
3. Master of Science in Counselling & Psychotherapy.
4. Certificate and Diploma Course in Naturopathy.
5. Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology.
1. Nagpur University.
2. Nagpur Ayurvedic College.
3. Yog Vidhyadham Gurukul (University) Nashik.
Girishji Pandit
Vaidik Purohit
For all 16 sanskar vidhi
Specialised for – Vaidik Birthday Sanskar
(Vardhapan Din Sanskar Vidhi )
Follower Of – Nath Shaktipith Akola
Website – www.yogsanskar.org
Office -14 Tourist Plaza Sitabuldi Nagpur
Phone :- 0712- 2556501
( Priti ) – 9822750301
Resi – 499 , Yog Sanskar c/o Dr. Guru Professor Colony Hanuman Nagar Nagpur -9
Associated Faculty – www.yogsanskar.org
Registration no – MH 239 / 08 (Nagpur)
Experience - 12 Years By Gurukul Method For Dental school