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Yogsanskar    07-Sep-2021
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Yog Sanskar is committed to providing treatment to all who seek it. It includes people who suffer from chronic illnesses or want to relieve the stress of their daily lives.

In the years since Mukul Guru founded Yog-Sanskar Sansthan, it has grown from strength to strength. The Sadhaks at Yogsanskar have been an integral part of this institution's history.

Yogsanskar is registered with the NGO Shree Guru Bahu Uddeshiya Shaikshanik va Vyaktimatva Vikas Sanstha at Nagpur.

Our goal at Yog-Sanskar is to nurture a healthy balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's life. In ancient India, Charaka, a prominent Ayurvedic practitioner, wrote, "A physician who fails to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat diseases" Our philosophy embodies this notion, and we strive to provide 100% holistic, pure and personalized treatment.

How was Yogsanskar born?

Shri Mukul Guru, the founder of Yogsankar, was motivated to create it due to his illnesses and anguish. He had discomfort in his C5-C6 region and was given an acute cervical sprain diagnosis, which prevented him from getting any sleep for two and a half months at a stretch. Sedatives, analgesics, homeopathy, and Ayurveda were all forms of contemporary medicine he used. However, no relief was felt. He used his last option—naturopathy—on himself to get over this suffering, and was able to control it with the help of the systems below. As a result, he vowed never to let another person suffer from a sickness that could be avoided with a little bit of care.

As a component of a comprehensive preventative or therapeutic program, we offer a variety of treatments. Some of the techniques we use are:






Ashtanga Yoga Sadhna

Dietary System of the Yogic Aharashastra

About the founder:

Shri Mukul Guru has been an essential member of Yogabhysi Mandal, Nagpur, and is a disciple of Janardan Swami and Shree Jog Gurujee. a specialist in yoga and allied treatments. Mukul Guru was blessed by Shree Jog Gurujee with knowledge of the yogic system and has been devoted to the extremely valuable Siddha mahayog sadhna for several years. To reveal the hidden mysteries of meditation, Mr. Guru recommends a way of life appropriate for the modern era, where human beings should adhere to certain dos and don'ts for a better, trouble-free existence. He is attempting to put it into practice, and Yogsanskara's value system and vision are based on this philosophy itself.